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What you should do when fraudsters are trying to port your number - MyBroadband

11.08.2019 - MyBroadband

SIM-swop and number porting fraud remain big problems in South Africa – here is what you should do when it happens to you....

Criminals have the keys to steal your airtime and hijack your mobile number - MyBroadband

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South African mobile users are sitting ducks for criminals, who are given the keys to steal their airtime and hijack their mobile number. What is even worse is that ...

Online banking fraud – What to do if criminals target your account - MyBroadband

08.08.2019 - MyBroadband

Online banking fraud remains a big problem in South Africa, with SIM swap and number porting fraud forming the cornerstone of this crime....

Here’s how to stop SIM fraudsters from draining your bank account - Digital Trends

06.07.2017 - Digital Trends

SIM swap fraud, an increasingly common form of SMS messaging fraud, has destructive potential. Here's how to recognize the signs....

SIM swop fraud rises by 104% - IOL

05.01.2019 - IOL

Cape Town - There has been a massive increase in cyber-related crimes specifically targeting online and mobile banking apps, warns IRS Forensic ...

The best and worst South African banking apps - MyBroadband

07.08.2019 - MyBroadband

Millions of South Africans use smartphone apps to make payments and manage their accounts and spending limits. Smartphone banking apps have become so ...